Give Charlie the Moon
by Dan Roberts

I pledge resistance
to the mask
of the United States
of Somnambulism,
and to the Corporations
who are destroying the Land
One nation, under Grid,
with liberal injustice for all

Oh say can you see?
Man, can't you see
manufractured mountains
from sea to polluted sea?
We cut spray
hack squirt
drag burn
make extinct
and earn
Money! Money! Money!
so we can rent
lease buy
while waiting for the Guy
who'll put it all
back together

What if
He don't come back
what if
He forgot
what if
He liked those Trees
and Salmon
and Spotted Owl
and Pomo
and Yuki
what if
He can't get anymore
what if
it took a few millennia to create
No problem!
He'll find something!
we treated Him so
last time

What if
just desserts
He just deserts us
it's just a desert
40 days in the desert
divided by
40 days and nights of rain
equals one World
on standby
for the next available
flight to the moon

What if
we give Hurwitz the moon;
we've got a flag and a car
up there
build him a wafer board mansion
at the edge of the lake;
a color xerox
so he can print up
all the money
and junk bonds he wants;
a deluxe edition
of the latest Monopoly game,
leather bound
with all the "get out of jail free" cards
so lets all turn around
and give Charlie the moon
What if
the Light
inside everybody's head
went on at the same time
and the Fabric of
Standing Deadwood
Intact Watershed
and Dependent Species
were all known Essential
more Essential than
all the money ever printed

I pledge allegiance
to the Earth (First!)
and Her various stages of evolution
And to the Four Elements
through which we stand
One Planet,
whirling through Space,
with liberty and justice
for All (species)

Dan Roberts

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